Hola Lindo, un Poco de Agua Por Favor?

As I walked out of the Quito airport mouth agape, I ran into the arms of a waiting Lucas. The snow-caped mountains, looming volcanoes, and deep valleys took my breath away-- literally-- as Lucas and I drove away from the city to Cumbaya.  We arrived at Lucas's gorgeous home and was instantly greeted with a… Continue reading Hola Lindo, un Poco de Agua Por Favor?


Why You Need to Read This Book

It has taken me less than 3 days to finish Small Business Big Life by Louis Barajas. It's one of those "you have to read because it will change your life" books. Even if you're not looking to start a business, you should read it because it helps you understand your values and how to live a… Continue reading Why You Need to Read This Book

Inspiration, Peace Corps

Take Action, Save Our Planet

We need to take action to protect our earth... NOW. In the United States, it is easy for us to ignore climate change because it isn’t so in your face; we’re busy with our daily lives—driving here, driving there—the issue of climate change hasn’t been a top priority. We drink our coffee in to go… Continue reading Take Action, Save Our Planet

Peace Corps

My Little Warriors

My favorite thing about Maewo is hands- down (/obviously) the children. We’ve got five year olds who are completely independent; they can walk about, look for food, and cook it—all on their own… as five year olds… Expert bush whackers, professional tree climbers, and certified BAD-ASSES, these Ni- Vanuatu children on Maewo continue to blow… Continue reading My Little Warriors