India and Yoga

Picture from Google
Picture from Google

This summer I will be going to India to get Yoga Teaching Certified! In Fiji, I learned the importance of having a transferable skill. Elise and I wanted to stay at Beachouse for free in exchange for helping out/ doing volunteer work. Looking back now, I see why it was a silly request– we had nothing to offer. On the other hand, there was a yoga teacher there who got to stay there for free because she had something to bring to the table (she was super awesome).

I remember when Lisa took me to my first yoga class at Yoga to the People in Berkeley and the positive vibes encompassing the experience. Sometimes my mind gets warped a little and I want to do bad to myself, but yoga reminds me I need to love myself. It takes away the negative thoughts I have about myself and heals my soul. I want to teach children/ young adults– especially young girls and women yoga so they can learn to love themselves and their bodies. In American society where children grow up hating the way they look– feeling as if they have to live up to some unrealistic expectations, yoga can be used to shift those perceptions. With self-love, we can begin to share confidence with those around us and in turn spread the positivity and love.

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