Lao Lao <3

IMAG0239My grandma has been and always will be the strongest, smartest, and most independent woman I know. I’d have to say, without bias, that she is by far the most tech savy 84 year old– she youtubes, she facebooks, she can download music and the best part is she always wants to learn more. Growing up during the Japan invasion, she has seen war and has faced the hardships of poverty, violence, and displacement. Forty some years ago, she moved herself to America, learned just enough English to become a nurse, then proceeded to move her husband and 5 children over from Taiwan to New York. She’s been to 20 countries including: Canada, Jamaica, Taiwan, China, Japan, England, Italy, Spain Portugal, France, Germany, Australia, Libya,Egypt, Ecuador, Peru, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Russia. I’m so excited for this summer as she and I will both be adding Brazil to our list. I love my Lao Lao so much and am so grateful to have such an amazing person in my life. She’s my mentor, my role model, and my inspiration 🙂

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