Hola Lindo, un Poco de Agua Por Favor?

As I walked out of the Quito airport mouth agape, I ran into the arms of a waiting Lucas. The snow-caped mountains, looming volcanoes, and deep valleys took my breath away– literally– as Lucas and I drove away from the city to Cumbaya. 

We arrived at Lucas’s gorgeous home and was instantly greeted with a classic kiss on the cheek by his beautiful mother, Elaina. She is also the talented architect who designed their house. Seconds later his father, Cesar, and his father’s friend, Carlos, arrived home sweaty after a 5 hour bike ride through the mountains.

They welcomed me into their home, introduced me to soup-before-dinner dining, and briefed me on the basics of Ecuador. I didn’t know what to expect when coming here, but I have been blown away so far.

The night I arrived, Lucas took me to an event at an old theater that burnt down partially years ago. Bohemian vibes filled the air while booming beats blasted. We danced the night away.

Fun fact: Although Quito is really close to the equator, it is mild during the day and cold at night all year round. Due to being thousands of feet above sea level, Quito can cause you to pass out which almost happened to me because of altitude sickness – crazy!

So I’m heading off to Vilcabamba tomorrow which “is one of the most beautiful places in all of Ecuador,” according to Cameilo, a good friend of Lucas. I’ll be spending a month there to complete a 300 hour yoga teaching course.

I am beyond blessed and excited to be here 🙂 

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