The Power of Thoughts

What do I do with no schedule, no job, no plans? I wake up at five, read books ALL DAY, and learn how to cook. I have my daily routine in the morning: I meditate, self-practice, teach yoga to my parents, and wave them off as they go to work. Which kinda makes me feel like a stay at home mom -.- and that my parents are my kids…

Then I mosey on over to the patio and set myself up with a book– falling asleep occasionally and taking phone breaks here and there. This week, I’ve read three great books that I’ve chosen to hopefully help me get my sh!t together! That way I’m no longer wearing pjs all day, playing the role of stay-at- home mom, and reading three books a week.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:
This book talks about the power of our thoughts and how our thoughts can turn our desires into realities. Over the course of 20 years, the author studied a bunch of really successful people like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and found what they had in common. They all believed in something, had a burning desire to make it happen, and became successful by doing it. 

Successful people are successful because they know what they want and never stop trying until they achieve it.

In the book, Napoleon lists 6 steps to turn desire into reality:

  1. Put in your head the amount of money you want/ need for your desire.
  2. When you want something you can’t expect it to just be given to you so you must give something back in return. Decide what you will give back.
  3. Set a date for when you want that sum of money by.
  4. Make a plan on how you’re going to do this.
  5. Write out, “I want X amount of money by xx-xx-xxxx date. I will, in exchange do X, Y, and Z in return, and my plan is _______________________________.
  6. Read this twice a day as an affirmation, seeing and feeling and believing that you’ve already got the money.

Life is a bizarre thing. We’re all here on this earth, living a singular life. Our minds make us believe that our existence is of such importance but when you really look at it.. we’re just a tiny insignificant breath of life in this moment of time. The things that happen to us, the severity of an action, the events we take so seriously are really not. that. important. In a hundred years, nothing is going to matter. So why not live life doing exactly what it is you want to do now?

Well firstly, you gotta know what you want.

In my next post, I’ll share my written desire and maybe you can share yours too 🙂
Until then, I highly suggest reading this book!!!



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