Forget About Fear

What are the results of fear– the fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of the unknown, fear of rejection? The results are that we never try, never hope, never dream, and never ask for what we want. By allowing fear to be the driving force of life, we merely survive.
I’ve been battling with Fear and some days he wins and other days he looses. When he’s too strong I simply allow myself to acknowledge him but realize I won’t fight him because fighting him only makes him stronger.
I’m following my heart and going back to Fiji next month. I battle constantly with trying to figure out my every move and just letting things be. When fear takes over, I worry about not finding a job, not making it, looking like an idiot, and making a mistake. Then I take a deep breath and tell myself:

Everything. Will. Be. Okay.

I stop obsessively researching places to live, plan A, plan B, plan C and focus on the now. I put my laptop and my thoughts to the side and I go hang out with my family, I attend courses in things I’m interested in, and I live every moment that’s happening now.

And then I know, that no matter what happens, life will be beautiful because life is beautiful.

Ultimately, we are in charge of our own lives and we have the choice to choose happiness in wherever we may be, in whomever we may be with, and in whatever we may be doing.

So why not choose happiness? Make the choice to let fear sit on the side lines while you kickass at the game. Life is a beautiful experience; let’s live it in our own unique, meaningful way.


  1. emvardz

    Ah, this is such a beautiful piece of writing ❤
    And you're right – we shouldn't let fear hold us back from the beautiful, wonderful experiences life has to offer.

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