What Is Happiness?

I feel overwhelmed. I feel lost.
My belly hurts. My eye is sore.
My throat is dry. My heart feels heavy.
It’s going to be okay, I keep telling myself.
What is the meaning of all of this?
What is happiness?
Is it something to be found?
Or is it here within us?
This need to find the truth.
What is all of this?
What is the purpose of life?
What is truth?
My chest feels heavy.
I feel heavy.
Life feels scary.
I feel scared.
Ugly brick buildings,
broken down walls,
rusty old gates,
dividing the haves and have nots
What are we chasing?
What is the dream?
What is happiness?
What is meaning?
The stars in the sky
are lost in the glaze
of manufactured lights
but no ones looking.
Everyone’s staring at little screens in their hands
too busy to look at the human passed out on the floor.
Stepping over his legs soaked in urine,
we march on by, our minds occupied.
The man at the shop delivers joy,
yet finds no happiness in providing it.
A dread, a sadness sits upon his being
a longing for something felt in the ether.
Garbage filled streets littered with tents
these are the homes for those who have no home
searching for something
trying to find a better life.
Is this a better life?
Fancy restaurants and microfiber couches,
a car and a house, a job and a spouse,
money like water, a false sense of abundance.
Finding a purpose?
What is it?
Life is devastatingly beautiful.
How can that be?
The tired souls,
the young love birds,
the flashy executives,
the suburban parents.
Each being suffers.
Each being searches.
What am I looking for?
What does it mean?

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