A Day in Paradise

 The gentle rocking of the waves awaken me, the rolling of my legs up and down as the tick ticking Of the metal handle taps against the smooth cabin door. I crawl out of bed looking for the hint of dawn as I climb the ladder from under deck up to the cockpit. As I gaze out, breathing in the beauty of the morning light not yet in its full glory. Patiently awaiting, I sit at the back of the boat– feet dangling above the cerulean sea. Slowly the arms of the sun reach around the misty mountain illuminating the world in all it’s beauty. Deep hues of purple and a flash of pink as the sun sends a shockwave of HD glow across the horizon.

Breath in breath out. My heart warms as the heat of the sun hits my body. I close my eyes and let the rays wash over me.
Not long after, voices from below begin to drift up as the 4 others I’m sharing this journey with awaken. The skipper, Jim heads out on the kayak as George, kaylin, and myself grab the dingy and begin rowing ashore. Upon reaching the sand, we begin our morning yoga session ending up with dirty faces and happy smiles. How blessed we are to be here on Navardra (navandra). 
We head back to the boat for breakfast and wash down the foredeck before kaylin and I swim ashore. It’s terrifying and magical as we swim in 60 feet of water with nothing but vast blue sea. A school of tiny bright blue fish swim by, shimmering like dimes in a wishing well. 
We reach the island and spot a baby black tip shark. Kaylin and I jump from rock to rock following the shark until it disapppears and we marvel at the beauty– chatting away of past travels and past lives. 
To our right is a lagoon and to the left the open sea. at low tide the waves crashing in on both sides as i stand upon the sand bar. I race across as both ends chase me down, the adrenaline rushes through me, my heart pumping, my legs burning from running in the sand. Swimming back to the boat, fumes of curry emanating from below deck. 

We have another sunset dinner of Indian curries made by our skipper. As the sun goes down, we pack some beers and head ashore in the dinghy. The waves push us in and proudly we don’t get wet or capsize. 

On shore, I meet Sam and her boyfriend doing a round the world trip sailing along with an American skipper. Bonfires and stories are shared as we drink beers and watch the stars. 
As time goes, we prepare to head back to the boat. We grab our things, the dinghy, and wade into the water. Jumping in and riding over the waves, we watch those in kayaks flying off into the darkness. We make it past the reef and head back to Harliquin. 

Another day in paradise. 


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