Fiji <3

Being back in Fiji solidifies my desire to stay here and make this beautiful country my home. In one of my last posts, I talked about the power of thoughts and now I’ll share my dreams, making them public and real.
Dream #1

Ever since coming to Fiji in 2013, I’ve loved the South Pacific. The proximity to the ocean, the breath taking sunsets, and the heart-warming smiles. To settle here and to make Fiji my home is my number one dream. 

Dream #2

The ocean: so vast, so terrifying, so magical. Learning about her, living with her, and respecting her by being one with her– what is a better way to do so than sailing? Learning to sail is my top priority right now. I want to have my own sailboat to go sailing around the Pacific and later on the world.

Dream #3

Yoga has transformed my being and my way of life. To be able to share the gift of freedom with others is my third dream.

Dream #4

Right so that leaves purpose. What will my purpose be? I’ve always loved children, but I’ve been jaded by the western education system. Id like to have my own business because working for someone else’s dream is silly. I don’t know what Ill “do” yet, but I am working towards that now.

I am actively working on fulfilling my dreams. I’m back in Fiji, learning how to sail, and teaching yoga at the same time– living my purpose.

I believe everyone can live their dream life. Yes, I am lucky to have family who love me, believe in me, and support me. I’ve grown up privileged with security, but I also work hard, save my money, and live mindfully. 

I flew to Fiji with money I made in the Peace Corps, am on a two week sailing trip through a work exchange, and am teaching yoga to anyone wanting to learn. 

You too can chase your dreams and live a the life you want because we only have this one life and why not make it one you love. Set your intention and go!

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