Fiji <3

Being back in Fiji solidifies my desire to stay here and make this beautiful country my home. In one of my last posts, I talked about the power of thoughts and now I'll share my dreams, making them public and real. Dream #1 Ever since coming to Fiji in 2013, I've loved the South Pacific.… Continue reading Fiji ❤


The Power of Thoughts

What do I do with no schedule, no job, no plans? I wake up at five, read books ALL DAY, and learn how to cook. I have my daily routine in the morning: I meditate, self-practice, teach yoga to my parents, and wave them off as they go to work. Which kinda makes me feel… Continue reading The Power of Thoughts


Hola Lindo, un Poco de Agua Por Favor?

As I walked out of the Quito airport mouth agape, I ran into the arms of a waiting Lucas. The snow-caped mountains, looming volcanoes, and deep valleys took my breath away-- literally-- as Lucas and I drove away from the city to Cumbaya.  We arrived at Lucas's gorgeous home and was instantly greeted with a… Continue reading Hola Lindo, un Poco de Agua Por Favor?