When The Auto Pilot Dies…

What do you do when you're sailing to New Zealand and the auto pilot is hopelessly dead, a fourth of your crew is uselessly sea sick, and you're four hours on, two hours off watch is insanely tiring? You sleep, sail, sip coffee -- repeat. And you become the auto pilot. As we wave goodbye… Continue reading When The Auto Pilot Dies…


Fiji <3

Being back in Fiji solidifies my desire to stay here and make this beautiful country my home. In one of my last posts, I talked about the power of thoughts and now I'll share my dreams, making them public and real. Dream #1 Ever since coming to Fiji in 2013, I've loved the South Pacific.… Continue reading Fiji ❤


The Power of Thoughts

What do I do with no schedule, no job, no plans? I wake up at five, read books ALL DAY, and learn how to cook. I have my daily routine in the morning: I meditate, self-practice, teach yoga to my parents, and wave them off as they go to work. Which kinda makes me feel… Continue reading The Power of Thoughts